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Repair of wood surfaces

Scratches, dents, pet damage and nicks, watermarks on table tops, gouges in wooden floors, burns and other damage can effectively disappear.


Refinishing and French Polishing

Refresh your cherished wood furniture that means repair of finishes, including solid wood, veneer, laminate (plastic and wood) and foil.


Structural Repair

Stabilize loose joints and repair broken parts.


Upholstery Repair

Spring replacement, recovering, basic repairs, fabric and general structural repairs.


Flood, Fire and Vandalism Restoration

Smoke and water damage, burns and breakages can often be restored to like-new condition.


Kitchen Refurbishments

Burns, chips, dents, gouges, scratches. Tables, chairs, cabinets, furniture trims (plastic and wood) and worktops reconditioned.



Water gilding, oil gilding.